Thursday, November 19, 2015

Romeo,…. where For Art Thou Romeo?

For some time I've had a tall lantern case that I've wanted to make a miniature scene inside. But what?
Then It just kind of came to me, after I saw the Juliet balcony in a miniature store. The rest just kind of evolved like most of my ideas. Nothing would work but Romeo and Juliet. I did add a little something, which you will see and I hope get a chuckle out of.
  So here they are proclaiming their undying love for each other.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

At the Moment Sleep Claimed Her...

It has been awhile sense I have worked on another miniature scene. I think the last one was on the road to Morocco. However I love fairytales, and so when I saw this lantern, I envisioned this all most at once. It has taken me a bit to complete, but it has turned out just as I thought it should.
  This is Sleeping Beauty, at the moment sleep claimed her. Well a girl has to look good when Prince Charming arrives with that kiss. So this is what he will see upon entering her chamber.
  And she didn't age a bit.

Now where is that prince?

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Knot garden

I have been working on something that I left off doing a few years ago. So I decided it was time to get back to it and finish it. I love gardens, and knot gardens are a favorite of mine. When I found a book on how to make a knot garden in a shadowbox I decided it was something I wanted to try. This is not complete, but it is far enough along now to show you the work in progress.

I still have the corners to do, but the brick walls and door were finished a few years ago. In the center is a pond made from a slice of agate. I still have to add the spray from the fountain. There will be vines climbing the walls as well.

I think this is pretty unique, and will be doing a few more. I want to try a winter garden. So I am finishing this one and doing some canning as well. Trying to stay warm up here in the frozen north, and looking for spring. I've had enough of winter.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

On the Road to Morocco

This doll came as a kit with an Indian style design. I have these wonderful camels that have been sitting around for some time just begging to be used in an miniature scene. So I made her a costume that was Moroccan in style and riding a camel. This is how it turned out.
  I had made the saddles and trappings for the camels some time ago {there are two other camels not viewed here yet}. They are carved out of wood and styled after the real thing. So thankfully I didn't have to make them as well. I think they lend themselves very well to this theme.
  I created a new design for her dress, and completed it with beading and tiny sequins. She wears a black cape as would be proper for a lady, however her face would be covered as would her dress. So as I didn't want to cover all that up, I left that part off.
  What follows is how it all came together on the road to Morocco.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What IF?

I call this "What if the shoe doesn't fit?"
It is a completely different take on Cinderella.
A friend gave me this shoe, and from the minute I saw it,
this idea popped into my head. So… here she is…..

White mice and all….

The Red Queen

This was a project I just completed. I think she turned out really pretty.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Little Fairy

This little fairy is from a class and kit I took recently. I like little fairies, and this one was very pretty.
So here she is, hope you can see the detail in her.