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Monday, October 4, 2010


After Bath we visited a little village called Lacock. Part of a Harry Potter movie was filmed here. I found the village to be wonderful, quaint, and perfect for miniatures. But again I can't post all the pictures.

Monday, September 27, 2010

And after Hampton Court....

I was given the privilege of visiting two, One hundred year old shops in London. The first was a boot shop where I saw them making shoes and developing shoe lathes. I was able to purchase a small piece of leather to make doll shoes from. It's a soft creamy tan color. I will hate to cut into it, but... it will make up beautiful shoes for one of my dolls, and come from that one hundred year old shop.
  Then a few doors down there was the second shop. A hat shop. Down stairs were the mens hats and I found a wonderful miniature wellington hat that looked like it would fit my ball jointed male doll. And yes it did... perfectly.

It's a little hard to see being that it's black but, I'll get a better picture later when I have made the suit/uniform that goes with that hat.
  And then there was the upstairs and the couture ladies hats. I have never seen such wonderful hats in all my life. Expensive...? Yes! but just so wonderful one couldn't resist. So I bought a hat. A beautiful gray feathered hat. And here it is.... in all it's glory!

I have never owned anything so over the top and so gorgeous. And I have the perfect gray suit to wear it with. Now I'll just have to have a reason to get all dressed up and show off my new hat. lol.
  So after that... my tour guide said he wouldn't take to the wine shop. lol... for fear I'd take the shop home with me. lol {not really but funny none the less}
  Then I had dinner with Owen and we had a good time talking about things and planned projects for the future. I am looking forward to this and the new book.
  After that I crawled into bed and left a wake up call for early, so I could get to my pick-up place for the last tour... Tomorrow is Stonehenge.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Windsor Castle & Hampton Court

On Saturday morning I went on tour to Windsor castle, where I got to see Queen Mary's dollhouse. I've seen pictures of it before but this was actually looking at it. It was made up of pieces by the actual authors and creators of the large size pieces. What I had not seen before was the garden at the lower section of the dollhouse. That was really something. Of course every part of the dollhouse was special to see. It was all behind glass, and taking pictures through glass meant dealing with glare from your flash, or the low light it was highlighted in. So most of what I took is not really good enough to show you so you can see it well.
  The rest of Windsor however did turn out well enough to view.

Then there was the afternoon and Hampton court. I have to say I loved Hampton court. Not the William and Mary part of it but the old Tudor part. I was in some of the areas where not a lot of people got to go, due to my embroidery classes at Hampton Court.
  So here I am sitting in a window alcove.

And there are 161 other pictures I took at Hampton court. I don't think I'll get them all uploaded here. lol. Not today at least.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Viewed upstairs at the V & A

I can share pictures I took of the costumes on display upstairs. However as I didn't use a flash {it would have reflected in the glass} some of these are a bit dark. I can't upload all of them due to space.
  I hope you can enjoy what I am able to upload.

There were a great deal more but space is limited. I tried to select a variety for you to enjoy. Others I couldn't upload due to the nature of the gown.