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Sunday, March 13, 2011

And then there were Two

I finished the mane and tail on the second Gypsy Varner horse so now there are two to make up the team that will pull the Gypsy wagon. While smaller horses they are incredible strong and are used primarily by the gypsy. The Harnesses are made by the same man who created the harnesses for my larger horses to pull the sleigh. He does a wonderful job and is very reasonably priced. I am so glad to have this set for my Gypsy wagon, as it lends that air of what's right. Let me know what you think? I'll be putting them with the wagon soon.


Nancy said...

Those horses are exquisite. Did you make them? How tall are they?

Deirdre said...

These are like the Brayer horses, in a 1/12th scale. Brayer horses you can reposition legs etc a bit better then these. I did cut off the molded mane and tail and added the fiber ones. It's not hard to do. There are how-to's on the internet that will tell you how to do it.
Email me if you need any help.