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Thursday, March 28, 2013

On the Road to Morocco

This doll came as a kit with an Indian style design. I have these wonderful camels that have been sitting around for some time just begging to be used in an miniature scene. So I made her a costume that was Moroccan in style and riding a camel. This is how it turned out.
  I had made the saddles and trappings for the camels some time ago {there are two other camels not viewed here yet}. They are carved out of wood and styled after the real thing. So thankfully I didn't have to make them as well. I think they lend themselves very well to this theme.
  I created a new design for her dress, and completed it with beading and tiny sequins. She wears a black cape as would be proper for a lady, however her face would be covered as would her dress. So as I didn't want to cover all that up, I left that part off.
  What follows is how it all came together on the road to Morocco.

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