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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's not just Embroidery!

  As this was two different lessons on two completely different techniques, I will split it into two days.
 On Tuesday in the morning I got up and took a taxi out to Hampton Court. It was an hour away {I didn't realize it took so long to get around London}.
  I arrived at the visitors gate to the side of the main entrance and my Teacher Owen Davies was already there waiting for me to guide me through Hampton Court to where the class room was. He is a teacher with the Royal School of Needlework, based at Hampton court.
  A quick note- I took private classes, so I would have a one on one with the teachers. I wanted to come away with some real understanding of what I was learning. This is very pricy, so be prepared to pay. Starting at 60 pounds per hour. My lessons were about 3 hours each. So you can see where it would add up very quickly.This is Owen,
  Now, Owen co-wrote the book "Embroidered Knot Gardens" with Gill Holdsworth. You can find it on amazon. This is a three-dimensional stumpwork, canvas & ribbonwork type embroidery. When you are done, you will have a lovely little garden that won't give you hay fervor.
Or a little corner of your imaginary world,

This kind of embroidery lends it's self well to 1/12th scale miniatures.

I loved doing this, and as I had started on one sometime ago but didn't get the hang of it all, I wanted to take a class about it, never dreaming I'd be learning from Owen himself. We had so much fun, it just couldn't get any better then that.
  But it did. We had dinner together later that week, and drank a bottle of wine between us. lol.
Here we are at class.

If your interested get the book and try your hand at it. It's not really hard. Makes up into a wonderful 1/12th scale garden that's better then the plastic things one gets, or the little plaster type stiff bushes.
  Well that was my morning class. Filling in the holes I couldn't seem to get right, making a wonderful new friend, and what a way to start off the classes at Hampton court.
  Tomorrow is lost stitches with a lady who collects embroidery stitches that are on the verge of disappearing.

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Karla Varela said...

Deidre, this is fabulous!! Congrats on your class!