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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fountain of Youth Doll Shop

This has come together so quick, I am surprised. I have a bit more to do and will be waiting on some items that will be added to the outside when I get them, but now I am ready for paper inside, and have begun to look for the pieces and parts of what will go inside to complete my doll shop. I love the colors, although I had chosen a different set of colors to begin with. Another one of those "life of it's own" type things.
  We all know what it means to play with our dolls. It is a youthful thing, and as such could be termed a fountain of youth. That is where I got the name for my doll shop. It has kept me young at heart, and still playing with my dolls. And there are many more women doing the same thing as I am for the same reason. I have a lot of dolls, but had only just now gotten back to the miniatures, and dollhouses. I have a bunch of them to play with and put together, and will be doing miniatures for some time.
  Well, I think this shop is going to be really great. So off to the doll house and the second story floor.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting there

This has been a productive night. The second floor of the old doll house was sanded and stained. As soon as it's dry I'll be vanishing it, and then putting up the paper. I need to paint the first floor base boards, and ceiling molding,, as well as the trim around the windows. Then it can go up and I'll be done with the first floor.
  The same will need to be done after papering the second floor, before I move on to the third floor. I also have to put together the spiral staircase, before I set the third floor in place. Once that floor is glued down I can add the railing and balcony trim. It has taken more time to remake this dollhouse then when I put it together the first time. lol. Oh well, I can't stand to see something in pieces laying around like it was. At least now it will have a life.
  The doll shop is almost ready for the two bay windows in the front. I have laid the floor inside, and need to get the paper ready for the walls. Outside, I have to paint the roof on one side, then can add trim. I will have some other trim coming soon for the front. And maybe the sign.
  Now I can begin to think about how the inside will look, as right now I haven't a clue. I will also have to start to work on the dollies for the shop.
But I do love the way it is turning out. So this one is a keeper.

The Doll Shop

Nothing like working on two things at once. lol. But that's what is happening here at this time.
I was waiting for the floor to dry in the doll house and so, started to work on the doll shop.
Choosing just the right shade of color, took awhile. But there it is.
 I need to go back and do touch up {what I get for painting with out my glasses.} but it has come so far so fast, I think I'll be working on the inside soon.
I need to finish painting the bay windows and I can then glue them in place. Then the fun really begins as I will be making and trading for all the dolls for the shop.
What a lot of work that will be.
  The downstairs will be the doll shop and the up stairs will be the workroom, where the dolls will be made. I think it was something from real life {mine of course} that brought this idea to being completed, as I have made many, many dolls over the years. So back to painting and the floor in the doll house now needs to be sanded, then varnished.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Layout for the old dollhouse

I keep forgetting to post what the layout will be. And now that you can see the shape and it's coming along well, it's time. I need a name for this old house, {sorry just had to pun that one lol}and haven't even got a clue. But here is the layout
  First floor, will be parlor on the right side {viewing from the back}dinning room on the left and kitchen though the door.
  Second floor is a large one room, music and library with french doors opening onto the balcony. A small spiral staircase takes you to the third floor landing with the bedroom on the left and the bathroom on the right, and space for something in the middle. I haven't decided yet just what.
On the top floor will be the nursery and Nanny's room.
  It was a kit called the Homestead, that I added a tower from a Victorian house too. It gave it the kitchen,balcony and more room above, which is what I needed. Now I am kit bashing again, with new windows, doors and design elements. It has not been easy, and I would not do it again, if I had another like it. It is just to much work for this kit design. However there are no more like it, and I'm not sure what happen to the company that made them, but they are gone.
  I am only hoping my house will look alright once it's all done. Better would be great!
  But I'll settle for alright. To much old glue, and broken pieces, has made it really hard to reconstruct. So, how is the old homestead looking to you?

Catching up to the third floor

The second floor is glued down as are the walls. The third floor opening for the spiral staircase, is now there, and ready for the stairs {which are not done yet, as they are in kit form.}. But the front has been repainted up to the third floor.
  The staircase from the first floor to the second floor is now in place, and the railing around the opening on the second floor is almost ready to go in place, but first I have to lay the floor,stain it, and varnish it. I am also working on the balcony railings and decorative designs. They will be glued in place when I put the third floor in and glue it down.
    The third floor is ready to paint. The top floor or attic will be different then it was, with bigger rooms {now there will be two rooms}. I also have the porch to finish up, but am waiting on supplies. The wiring will all be round wire, not tape. So I am making headway. Hopefully it will look better when it's all done then before. It sure was a mess.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

And on to the Second floor

As the pictures show, this dollhouse had seen some pretty bad bashing and crashing durning the last move.  I really didn't think I'd be able to put it back together again. It's seen some ruff times, and showed it in places. I did how ever open up the windows and replace some bad spots in the siding. Gluing it back together was a nightmare, but as you can see it's been glued down onto the second floor. It's been sanded as best as I could get it, and is now ready to paint, and glue the windows in.
  As I am waiting for some components for the front porch, that is not done yet. I'll go back to it when they come in and finish it.
For now I can paint the outside, and windows and doors. Lay a new floor for the second floor, stain and varnish that. Varnish the stairs and set them in place. I will also spend some time doing the floor and ceiling molding, and miter cutting the moulding around windows and doors.
  I also have to choose the wallpaper for the second floor music room and library. At least it has a working french door now, which is what I wanted in the first place.
  I have to work on the curving staircase that runs from the second to the third floor. The one on the first floor was one I finally got put together, even with a wood banister. It wasn't perfect, but it fits the dollhouse, and works. It was also a lot of work getting it together. I have to varnish it then I can put it into place at long last. I'm glad I got the papering done first.
Well, one thing about building dollhouses etc. It is truly a labor of love. You do a little, then you wait, then you do a little more and then you wait again. As I'm not good at waiting on anything, I usually go back to my sewing, and complete a doll dress before I get back to the house. It works out quite well, actually.
  So painting today, and doll dresses tonight.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Now that it's all done, what next?

I had to take a couple of days, after finishing this project, first to just kick back and enjoy what I had created, and also to rest up a little. There were far to many long nights of burning the midnight oil. So at this time I would like to thank all those people who lent their help, their know-how,and their encouragement. You will find a list of the ones who contributed to this tutorial and where to find them, if you chose to create something of like manner, or just need something I created.
  It was something I really enjoyed doing, and shall have it to enjoy for some time to come.
To everyone else who came daily almost to see what I had done, I thank you as well. For your interest, enough so to come and see.
  And oh yes... to Smokey, who had deemed this layout, off limits.{At least for now} He has respected the time I spent, and not tried to take it apart. So, now to the list.

The pumpkin... - JoAnns
The Gourd- a local grower, long sense gone.
Plywood and base trim - Home Depot
Large black wire tree- Walmart
Ground cover- Woodland Scenics
Variate of dried "flowers" and other crafty items{ Like the owl, crickets etc} any craft store with this kind of supplies like Hobby Lobby, etc.
LED's by Evans Model train - for the black light and the fireflies LED's{ link follows}
Bay window,door and other windows were donated by Ken of smallworldminiatures on ebay
  He also donated the table and chair inside,as well as the wonderful parquet floor under the chandelier.
The chandelier and sconces one can buy from most any miniature store on ebay. The one I got mine from was in Texas, and I have no way of getting the name.
The flower basket display, I created, but the flowers I got from Lacyshomeforboys on ebay.
She also supplied the cats and cut out pumpkin and the food inside on the table.
The fairies are my own porcelain dolls {poured,cleaned,fired, painted,and dressed}
 The little waif looking for her lost kitten, was made by She lives in the UK and creates some wonderful polymer clay people.
The tiny yellow frog was made by Patrick-  purplesynapse on ebay. He is a glass blower in Helena.
The water in the pond- the help this lady gave me was invaluable {and besides she a lot of fun to talk to} TheMorezmoreEstate on ebay.
The bridge and pillars, as well as a lot of other places, I used paperclay.
The bats were cut from a net fabric and glues together with a wire between so they would hold their wing shape.
The rats eating the pumpkin, and the green punch bowl, I found on ebay also.
The corn stocks and cattails you can find the direction on, as I did and made them.
The gargoyles I found on line and ordered, along with a different black light system for a Halloween town.
A lot of this is stuff I have had squirreled away for a long time, but a little creative searching, and imagination should help you find something that would work. The biggest thing is to find your key components early, before the holiday is over and there is nothing left.
This whole project was a glimmer of an idea last year, but because I didn't get into JoAnns, fast enough all the big pumpkins were gone. So it waited till this year.
I'm glad I didn't forget, and made the effort, took the time {about a month}, and created the Twilight Ballroom, so The Dark Fairies Promenade could take place.
From all indications, you have enjoyed it as much as I, and the one thing I had hoped did happen. Someone was inspired to try their hand and create something with a pumpkin.
   So, now what? lol... that's easy. I am back to my bashed and crashed old dollhouse, and also working on my doll shop. Sewing for assorted dolls will continue, of course.
Thank you for your interest, your time, and your comments. I shall press onward.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fair and Air Gazette

{after the ball special addition}
  Last night a marvelous dark fairies ball was well attended by fairies, and fay alike. I myself was in attendance and witnessed a few surprises that turned up for the dance. But first a word about the fairest of them all, the Queen of the fey. I have never seen her more splendid in all golden hues. She fair sparkled when she moved and when she danced, it was breathtaking. No wonder she is the Queen. She is also equally generous with her powers, and dispensed magic from her fairy wand. {but more on that later}.
  She was attended by Lady Rose and Lady butterfly. Lady rose seemed to just wilt upon a chair most of the eve, even though she was her most prize winning self. Lady Butterfly, seemed to be everywhere helping where she could and always within call for her Queen.
  A Lunar moth fairy, attended, and was tempted to kiss the most persistent frog I have ever seen. Slightly yellow in color, he stood upon the center of the floor and flat out begged her for a kiss. He had a lopsided grin on his face which to my mind foretold no prince to come forth, but instead a very cunning little frog he would remain. I don't think the fairy turned into a toad either, but surely she will be of the wiser next time he should be about and beg her once more for a kiss.
  I was amazed at how many black cats seemed to live in and around the Twilight Ballroom. There were three lounging on the front steps watching the comings and goings for most of the night. I suspect it is the fairy music that draws them as nothing and no-one that can resist once it is heard, even at afar distance. I heard of a lad who once broke his leg and dragged himself to where the music was, only to reach the spot in time to see the departing music makers backs. As it was dawn it was their time to go home. The lad was found and carried home, his leg was set, and he spent the rest of his days telling any who would listen about the strange music he heard on the night of a full moon, deep in the forest.
  It is true that fairy music will draw any and all who hear it, so I do believe that story.
 And speaking of music drawing souls, one did show up last night. A pretty, petite little waif, so sweet in nature, one wanted to cuddle her, and sooth her woes. She said she had heard many cats lived here about and thought perhaps her own sweet kitten might have been drawn to the place. Her kitten passed away at the same time as she, and she longed to find it to keep her company as she was lonely. The kitten would remain forever a kitten. It was snow white she said, and asked if any had seen it? 
  I am delighted to report that midway thought the ball a tiny little white kitten did appear upon the bay window ledge. It did indeed turn out to be her own little kitten. Both were exceedingly happy to have found each other at last. They spent the rest of the night chasing fireflies, dancing with the ghosts, and gliding about the ballroom in time to the fey music of the Cricket Trio with the Bees playing counter point.
  The flower arrangement sent by the Queen was lovely in a tall standing basket with an arrangement of red leaves, yellow and white flowers. The food was very delicious {although I did not partake, as I had no wish to remain in Fairyland forever.} A strawberry cake, red glazed apples {a la snow white} and a lovely pink punch with kiwi,strawberry, and lemon slices. No-one went hungry {except me of course}.
  As magic goes, I do believe it was the Queens magic wand that brought the tiny little white kitten to the ball. I will forgive any amount of magical mayhem, after seeing that bit of consideration to a poor little lost soul who was all alone. Hooray.... to the Queen!
  And that I think, is the end of the story as they say. I do however find myself longing to return to the Magical Twilight ballroom. I just can't seem to find the pathway there.
Now was it this way..... or that way....???

By line by an absentee reporter. I do hope he finds his way back.

additional pictures

Hope these work for you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At last the results!

I still can't quite believe what I have created. Here are the final pictures of the Twilight Ballroom's First promenade, to be held on all Hallows eve. The magnificent Fairy Queen herself will be in attendance, with her ladies in waiting, Lady Rose, and Lady Butterfly.
  Music provided by the Cricket Quartet, and the Busy Bees. A show will be put on by the dancing fireflies sometime that eve. Any other surprises will be dutifully reported by the Fair and Air Gazette on the morrow. Do attend at least for a smattering of a fantasy in the wild. Time will stand still here so forget your watches.
Until tomorrow, I am off to the ball to report.

Almost finished outside

These pictures are of the outside, as it is now, and almost finished. I've finished the pond, and bridge and pillars. The Gargoyles are on their perch, and the bats are flying. I don't have that much to do now, but there will be something I've forgotten. I'm sure of it.
  Enjoy the update.