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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Siding is done!

Looks different with all the siding on. I am using MDF board. Easier to cut and adjust for this project. Well now I need to pick a color to paint it. LOL I hope you are  doing well, and have a great holiday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today I decided to glue the siding onto the store. I am using MFD rather then wood, as it's easier to cut to shape and allow for the bay windows to fit properly onto the store front. This picture is of the sides drying and one has to have them weighted to make sure they glue down all the way, and not buckle somewhere. After they are dry I will glue the front pieces down and add the door and bay windows, after the siding is dry. Then I will have to wait for supplies in order to go inside and work on the interior.
  I will also start to make some of the items that will go in the store. I have began to collect some of the display items, but not the counters etc. That will have to be after the first.
This store will have more to do inside with what is for sale in the store then what goes outside. There will also be a viewing area for fashion shows, and a try on area, as well as the seamtresses work area. I just hope the store will be big enough to allow for all of it I have in mind to fit in. It is already bigger then what it started out to be, and the left over parts of the kits I will use for something else.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here we go again!

 I am starting work on my ladies Emporium. Last night I put the walls and floor and ceiling together with the front, and the inside posts. At this point I need to decided what it will look like beyond this. Where what goes and what shelves etc. I plan to use. Then there is the wall paper, etc etc etc. Lots to decide on so I won't be doing anything else as far as structure etc. is concerned. I have the basic idea all down, but now it's time to figure out how to make that happen.
  So Time to ferment.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Here are the close ups of all the little touches I couldn't get in the full size pictures

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The contest entry

Well here it is at last. Finished and the form and pictures are in the mail, so I can take a deep breath and think about something new to work on. I really enjoyed working on this project, and am tickled about the finished cottage. I called it the" Winterberry Cottage". The Winterberry fairy goes out to check on the winterberry bushes to make sure all is well with them, as this is a main food source for the birds in the winter time. She has her own flying machine and it can be pulled by two white flying reindeer if she so chooses. Or she can get about on her own wing power. But more often then not she takes out the deer and her flying machine.
If the lights at the front of the cottage look a lot like runway lights,well thats because they are. Can't land on a foggy night or in a snow storm, with out lights to guide the way. It also helps santa when he comes to visit for a cup of tea.
  The cottage is a snugly little one room cottage, with all the amenities one might need for a cold winter stay. The little birds often follow her about and many stay about the trees and bushes outside the cottage. There is even a pair of white doves roosting about the front door. As it's winter there is lots of snow, and the grass and roof are almost completely covered. You can see the runner marks in the snow on the cobblestone entryway made by the fabulous flying machine. 
  So now it's in the hands of the judges, and I'd love to hear about what you think of  my 'Winterberry Cottage".

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

At long last.... It's done!

Well, it's done except for the lighting. I will have to replace some of the old lighting and that will have to wait for payday. But the rest of it, paper, paint, stairs, baseboard, ceiling molding etc, etc, etc, is all done and ready to be moved into. I just hope a family of mice don't take possession. lol.. No not likely, but it was a cute thought.
  This was a lot of work rebuilding. I much prefer making something from scratch, but as I stated a long time ago at the beginning of this makeover. There is only one "first" dollhouse. It has changed it's looks a lot, with the new porch treatment, balcony trimmings, even the color has changed and added to the design.
  Inside there are new wood floors, base board and ceiling trimmings, as well as new wall paper. The floor layout is different and there are two curved staircases, with rounded bannisters. I never even got one in before. Now I just need to pull out the furniture and return it to the house. I will add the lighting as it comes in. So what do you think?
  And what should I call it? I think it's something you would see down south. So a southern name perhaps? Any ideas? Leave me a note with your suggestions.