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Friday, May 23, 2008

New colors for the house

It has taken me awhile to decide what new colors to paint the house. I am certainly not keeping the yellow/blue thing. lol. So it will be painted Leaf green , a soft light green for the main body of the house. Accents with be in Hunter green {a nice dark green} with the trim painted white.
  For that top fancy molding, I will have to add another color. Like maybe a mustard gold yellow, or a nice sunset rust color. Or perhaps a peach? Well, you will be surprised at the colors I did find, I know I was.
  I didn't have any of the above, but when I got to matching. I found a nice coral, that looks good. I decided against any shade of red {to Christmasy}. And surprise... a lavender, that looks very good with the shades of green. Even more of a surprise.... the coral and the lavender with the 2 shades of green, actually go together.
  I think you have to see it to believe it. But thats what I shall use for colors. Now after it glued back together, and the cracks filled in, I can paint. The windows and door trim will be white, so I think they need to be painted before they are glued in. Anyone know???
  Well back to the drawing board. I need to decide where the inner walls will be.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The old Homestead

Left is second floor, below is first floor. Last is the third floor.

  My first doll house one made by Woodline products. It was called the Homestead. Of course I did some kit bashing, and made it into something else. I was going for Victorian. I'm not to sure what it was. In the last move it got destroyed. But I saved the pieces anyway, thinking it might be salvageable.
  Well, it looks like this today because I've been gutting it and opening up the windows and doors, etc. Second and third floors had to go, so I replaced them with a really nice piece of plywood. It wasn't that easy working with a mini hack saw and a Dermal tool.
  Yesterday I worked all day sanding and getting it ready to glue back together. The first floor can go back together, but I'm waiting on the second floor double french doors, and some clapboard siding for that section that is missing. I think I got the curved staircase right this time, as it is right in-front of the front door.. {I cut a hole in the floor so one could ascend the stairs to the second floor.}
  Here are some pictures. It will be painted of course, and new wall paper inside.
  Sometime today I will glue the first floor back together, with windows and door. I have to decide floor plan now.
This house has another whole section on one end. that allows for 3 more rooms, or as it went, 2 rooms and a balcony. With the plywood floors, all one piece {not cobbled together masonite} it should hold up better. I'm deciding color now as well. The outside will be painted 2 shades of green and a clear white. I think that will look better.
Well, back down the rabbit hole.