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Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's come a long way baby!

  Ok, got the attic rooms put into place, although not all of it is there or finished due to the shape of the house it's self. More needs to be glued in. Then of course comes the paper, and floors  etc. This really makes for one tall dollhouse. Even taller then what it was to begin with. But the attic rooms are bigger, and I like that. Once the roof is solid and glued in place to stay, I can add the rest and then work on the inside. Of course there are all those shingels that will have to be glued up there on the outside. Still it's come a long way.
  For something to be in so many pieces, and such sad shape, I am surprised to see how well it's turning out. I'm glad too.

Finishing the third floor

One of the things I like about the old dollhouse are the changes I've made. And the best is the round banister and half circle opening over the stairwells. While it wasn't easy to complete this, I am glad I persevered. The hard wood floors really make a difference. I used a vinyl tile type thing before, but I didn't really like it. The wall paper, and the color of the outside of the house are really good choices. The porch is a very big change, and I really like it. The balcony with it's new design trim is perfect, and so much more stylish. The doors and windows are better choices. While I know it will never look perfect, due to being smashed up, I am pleased with the way it has come back together, and I think it's worth the effort. There will always only be one first dollhouse. So I wish to preserve mine, even if it's not perfect. It certainly looks better the way it's turning out now, and looks like what I wanted in the first place.
  Before I put furniture into the house, after I'm done {and I still have the attic to do, and it's being redone as well.} I will have to cut a piece of plexy glass to cover the back, and keep that black furry hurricane out of the dollhouse.

Monday, November 10, 2008

3ed floor and it's not ladies apparel

Up to the third floor now, and have finished with laying the wood floor strips and it's sanded  and ready to stain. I'm trying to decide between dark walnut or red mahogany. The stairs are the dark color, so may have to do that to make it look right. First floor is the red color, and I like it a lot.
  I have picked out a nice green wallpaper for the bedroom, and a white flocked for the hall/room and a nice flowered blue stripe for the bathroom. As soon as I'm finished with the floor and the varnish is dry I'll paper. Then I have to look for lights for the ceiling in all three rooms. I'll also need lights for the second floor, so I know what I'll be looking for and buying next month.
  I never expected to get this far on this old doll house, but I am really coming along on it as well.
The front door design really did make the front of the house. Lawbrey has such wonderful designs, and she helped figure out just what would look nice and would work. The flat roof and the pillars as perfect for the door design and carries it over well. I also have a couple of short pillars and urns to fill with flowers and vines that will sit next to the steps. I will need to get a piece of plywood that will be the base for this house and the small amount of landscaping I will get to do around the house. That will make it easier to handle and add the landscaping.
  The laser cut pieces over the balcony really add a nice touch and I love the look even if it doesn't carry over the simple classic look of the front door. However I would not be surprised to find just this sort of thing in the old south, so I'm not going to worry about it, and just enjoy the look and "feel" of it all.
  With these two additional parts of the old dollhouse restored to order and a completely new design and look, I think I like the old place even better then before. It has a feel to it now that wasn't there before. The green color is certainly a lot better then the old yellow I had used. And white trim really makes it pop. The new windows and doors go a long way as well. Not to mention having the inside nearly finished and so much more there as well, between the paper, stained  hardwood floors and the stairs actually in place, it really does feel like a new house. I am putting in all new lighting as well, which will really add up to a finished look.
  Then I will have to fix a plexy glass cover for the back of the house to keep a certain black inquisitive feline out of the house, because he will surely think it was made just for him, and invade the premises. I would hate to think where the pieces would end up as I still  haven't  found the little black cat he took from the ballroom scene. Like certain black crows I know he's got a stash of things somewhere I just haven't found where yet.
Anyway, as you can see I will be ready to move in soon. And that makes my day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Second Floor papered

I really like the color combination on the second floor. Library and music room together, and I think this paper works! I still have to paint the baseboard, and the ceiling moulding, but for the most part you can see how the second floor looks, and judge for yourself if it isn't really great.

The old doll house

First floor is now done as well. Base board and ceiling molding are in, and the kitchen is finished.
I am so delighted as to how this is turning out, after all this time of seeing it in pieces. Next is papering the second floor, and setting in molding as well. Then I can add the third floor and trimmings on the balcony.
  So up one floor please. The library and music room, watch your step please.

Fountain Of Youth Doll Shop Is Done!

So now the shop can be occupied. Or rather I have to shift gears and start working on Miniature dolls. At least the shop part is done and ready to be moved into. I really love the way this turned out, and after I add lights, I can work on tiny dolls etc.
  I think it looks just like what a doll shop should look like. At least in my eyes. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Catching up

I did the wall paper on the second floor of the doll shop and painted the high ceiling. This leaves me with first floor yet and window and door trimmings.
  In order to use use certain things in the window display I felt the window floor needed to be extended out into the room. Not easy when it's 2 inches off the floor, so I made 2 blank units to do just that. Blank as in there are no shelves etc. It works just fine. Now to figure out how the rest of the "shop" inside will look like. I really didn't have a clue there as I hadn't gotten that far yet, and the outside came together so fast I'm there and ready for the inside now. I'll have to think fast.
  As for the old dollhouse, I completed the opening of the hole for the staircase to the third floor. I had intended to make up a spiral one, but it just didn't work so, I used a second curved staircase I had that turned out to be just perfect. It made for a very interesting layout for the second floor, library/music room. It also changed the third floor layout, which was a good one I think.
  I want to paper and add the trim before I glue in the floor and walls. It will be easier to work on I think. I also have to stain the stairs etc. At least I'm moving on up. lol.