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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Aubergine Cat

She is finally done and ready to send in. I am so pleased with the way this turned out.
Something that I didn't have a complete picture as to what all would be in it.
I had an idea and this is what it blossomed to. All of her gowns fit her and have snaps to
close them. Her Marie Antoinette wig also fits her and is removable. It has it's own wig stand.
Her catnip mouse and ball of yarn cat toys are there for her to play with and her food dish is also there. I hope you like her.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pictures outside

The Countess is looking more and more real. Isn't this something?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I think I'm done!

I'll quit playing now. The painting is done.

Design 4 wagon

I felt there should be some kind of design on the green part of the wagon, and I was right. It looks more like a gypsy wagon now.

The Lady has arrived!

The Countess {as she is known} has arrived at last to take up residence in her wagon and deal with her massive horses. Compared to her diminutive size, these horse are huge. But she has a way with them and they come when she calls them much like her pussycat, tends to wander in whenever she calls him.
Here she is dressed in her usual clothes and jewelry. She has long curly black hair, and you would be hard pressed to tell her age. She never does.
The trailer park where she will soon be taking up residence is in for a surprise.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Now look at the horses...

When this magnificent silver gray pair are hitched up to the wagon,

both are going to look like they belong together. At least that is what I think. lol.

What do you think?

The Make-Over

I have sat and looked at that pink color and looked at it, and it just didn't work right... so.... the gypsy wagon got a make over.

All that was pink is now copper. And I think it works a lot better.

If I had not already painted the wagon, I would have done something different, and used different colors. Because there is a design cut into the upright wooden pieces, I am limited as to how much repainting I can do. I didn't want to lose it in all, due to more paint then it could bare.
So, judge for yourself. Is it better?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Look at these horses!

Well, the grays are just beautiful! I love their mane and tails. I had to file off the other decorations and the manes etc. then paint where it was now white. Then I added the hair for the mane and tail, and I love the way they look now.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Project

Sometimes I come up with new projects based on something I've seen, or something I bought.
This project is both, and my own ideas. It's just for the fun of it, and because I want to do it.

I have always enjoyed fairy-tales. From the beginning, when I was a little girl listening to the babysitter read to my brother and I, and now when I can research a bit into what I have read, and understand what else is
involved in the writing of the tale.
Being an artist, has brought many things to mind in a visual sense, even more then just listening to what is written. A writer plays with words, and an artist not only understands the words, but puts a visual spin on what is written.
So this project was born from a favorite fairy-tale, a box, and a visual spin on what was not written in the fairy-tale. And that is all I'm going to tell you for now. lol.
Can you guess which Fairy-tale?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The egg.

This is a little glass egg about 1" high, that I crocheted the cover for and added the decoration of flowers and ribbon bow. It is for an egg tree. Nothing like a little bit of crochet in tiny stitches.
And a black paw that helps hold things, and then disappears what he has ahold of. lol.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inside the Wagon

I am not done yet but here are a couple of pictures of the inside and the coach lights now installed at the back of the wagon.
There is even a stove to heat and cook with. I just have to figure out what the end of the stove pipe will look like. lol.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I really didn't like the bright pinkish color, so I did a little finger painting. lol. Andthis is the results. I like it a lot better.
I will be adding the coach lights, and doing the inside. Next comes the built in bed, so I can hide the battery pack.
Not bad , and the rest will be just as much fun as this. What do you think?

Outside is Done!!

It has been awhile sense I started on my Gyspy wagon, but now I'm well on my way to finishing it.
The outside is done, and I shall be working on the inside now. I have to build the bed for the front end, then decide what goes where and what I will have to make .
So, here are the pictures of the outside. I used a wonderful combination of paint colors..... spring green, chocolate brown, desert pink, and copper. I love the way the copper makes the rest of it look. But see for yourself.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The gray's have it!

Well, it looks like the team of grays will be pulling the gyspy wagon. Now I have to change out the wagon tongue and traces. Add mane and tail to these guys, and make up a matched pair of harnesses. But in the long run it makes everything more in scale. 1/12th scale of course.
A lot to do in a short time. Watch and see what happens.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Gypsy Wagon

My next project is a gypsy wagon complete with the horse to pull it. The inside will be livable, and have all the amenities one would need to make life comfortable.
I have been trying to get back to this project for some time, and now it seems is the time.
I bought a wagon but it was not really a very good item. So first off I had to remove everything. In otherwards do some kit bashing, even if it was all together to begin with. I kept the bottom and roof to the wagon, but replaced the sides. I opened up where the windows will go, and sanded down all the ruff edges on the bottom. Next I have glued the flooring in and the sides are up. The top will be hinged, so I can open it up when I need too.
I will be picking out wall paper, and paint. I have a couple of things I'm waiting for to add to the outside.
The end where the door is will have coach lights {how cool is that?} There will be lights inside and all run off batteries. I have to create a bed box where the batteries will hide, and also make sleeping space for the resident gypsy.
It's going to be a lot of fun getting everything collected for this project. I will be writing a story to go with, so... I have to get some things done.
And I'm off and running.....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Close ups details of Henry the 8th Book Box

The title says it all, I wanted to show off some of the details better, so have added close ups.
The ceiling is really special and so Tudor, you wouldn't know it was made up of left overs from another project.  I also wanted to show off that gown a bit better, it's so full of details one can miss it if you didn't know what you were looking at.
  The room as a whole did turn out nice, didn't it?{G}

Friday, February 20, 2009

Henry The 8th Book Box

  It has taken me some time to finish this scene. I like to make sure before I go ahead and make something that what I am making will work. I Found this box that is made up of a couple of wooden books. Titles were William Shakespeare's works, so it had to be made into a Tudor room. At first I wanted to do a bedroom, however, the bed I got was so large it took up the whole room! That was not going to work, so then I started trying to figure out what would look nice.
  The room is now done but for a couple of other items to go in the room. For the most part, what you see is the finished room. It turned out so cool, I couldn't wait to finish it, and share with you.
  So here is it.... my Tudor room.