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Friday, September 7, 2012

Something new

At long last I have something new for this blog. A room box created to represent The Arabian nights 1001 tales. Here is Scheherazade spinning her tales of daring do and love. I really love working with the book boxes and creating a slice of something be it storybook or history.
It is a challenge because the dimensions are limited. Getting enough into that small of a space to get across what it is, can make you want to cry.
  So what do you think?

The story of a lady who could tell a great tale, and in the process keep her own head where it belonged.
For a Thousand and one Arabian nights she told tale after tale only to end when the most important part came up, and not telling it until the morrow. Of all the storybooks this is the only one that has more then one story, and the connecting theme is  Scheherazade. Her motive was to save the innocent lives of many more ladies that were to be first wed, then live one more night, and the next morning they would die. All because one women {the  Sultana, the first wife} had lied. The Sultan no longer trusted any woman.
   Scheherazade set out to prove that not all women were so misleading as the first Sultana. Magic carpets, Genies, and much more from a land filled with fantasy, and imagination. She spun her tales night after night.
My book box is a representation of just that very scene. You see Scheherazade as she tells another story. The room around her as opulent and rich as the tales she tells.