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Friday, May 23, 2008

New colors for the house

It has taken me awhile to decide what new colors to paint the house. I am certainly not keeping the yellow/blue thing. lol. So it will be painted Leaf green , a soft light green for the main body of the house. Accents with be in Hunter green {a nice dark green} with the trim painted white.
  For that top fancy molding, I will have to add another color. Like maybe a mustard gold yellow, or a nice sunset rust color. Or perhaps a peach? Well, you will be surprised at the colors I did find, I know I was.
  I didn't have any of the above, but when I got to matching. I found a nice coral, that looks good. I decided against any shade of red {to Christmasy}. And surprise... a lavender, that looks very good with the shades of green. Even more of a surprise.... the coral and the lavender with the 2 shades of green, actually go together.
  I think you have to see it to believe it. But thats what I shall use for colors. Now after it glued back together, and the cracks filled in, I can paint. The windows and door trim will be white, so I think they need to be painted before they are glued in. Anyone know???
  Well back to the drawing board. I need to decide where the inner walls will be.

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