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Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Project

Sometimes I come up with new projects based on something I've seen, or something I bought.
This project is both, and my own ideas. It's just for the fun of it, and because I want to do it.

I have always enjoyed fairy-tales. From the beginning, when I was a little girl listening to the babysitter read to my brother and I, and now when I can research a bit into what I have read, and understand what else is
involved in the writing of the tale.
Being an artist, has brought many things to mind in a visual sense, even more then just listening to what is written. A writer plays with words, and an artist not only understands the words, but puts a visual spin on what is written.
So this project was born from a favorite fairy-tale, a box, and a visual spin on what was not written in the fairy-tale. And that is all I'm going to tell you for now. lol.
Can you guess which Fairy-tale?

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