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Saturday, September 25, 2010

My trips to the V&A.

  Thursday morning I slept in. I needed it. Then in the afternoon I went to my first appointment with the Victoria and Albert Museum.
I had my second appointment on Friday.
  You go in through a special gate, where they take your picture and issue you a visitors pass. Then when the person you've come to meet arrives at the visitors desk, you follow them down halls, until you come to a locked door. Once inside, there are rows and rows of cabinets, where they have stored part of the collection for the V & A. There were several large boxes, that when opened revealed  beautiful gowns. I could not believe my luck, to have viewed a court gown by Worth. It was beautiful! So much hand done work. Something a lot of people don't know, is that couture gowns are done entirely by hand.
  I viewed 1870's style French Gowns, and then Gibson Girl styles the next day. So many people have asked me "How did you do this? {meaning how did I get into the back locked room}. I really don't know. But what I do know is... this was very, very special. They just don't give out appointments. I also know that the Textiles and fashion department will be closed from Nov. {this year} to the year 2013. I hope to have another set of appointments lined up for then. I have asked if I might come back, and was told yes.
  I can't give specifics here due to the fact I do plan on doing costume patterns for my dolls. Why would I give up information to someone, so they could claim it as their own?
  But I will tell you due to conservation techniques the fabric colors were just as bright as when made {Looking at the tiny pieces of fabric under the facings..}  Even if the gold and silver were tarnished and that was a given over time.

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