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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Tower of London

  The very first tour I went on was to the Tower of London with the Black Taxi Tours. My tour guide's name was Richard. If you ever get to London and want someone who is gracious and charming, and very informed on what you will see, then look him up.
  We went to the Tower about 2 in the afternoon and it was sun shinning and beautiful.

Well, I was so busy looking at the tower and all I forgot to take any pictures. lol... I stood in the court yard where Ann Boleyn was beheaded. I climbed the stair where the two princes were found in the wall. I saw the apartments where a person of wealth and standing was kept when sent to the tower. I stood at traders gate, on both sides. The Tower was impenetrable, and has not only stood attacks in the earlier times but has stood all these years in English Weather. An Inner and Outer ward made sure you were caught between and did not live to reach the apartments of the King.
Queen Elizabeth spent 8 months in the Tower as a young Girl, while Bloody Mary decided her fate.
  And then there were the Crown Jewels. My favorite was the tiny crown worn by Queen Victoria. We stopped at a gift shop so I could see if they has a miniature version of the crown Jewels. And I was surprised and delighted to find they did. I bought the set that is a replica of the jewels of state. It has the sword,crowns, orb, and a number of other items used when one is crowned.

The other two little crowns at the front are from a necklace and a keychain. Both will work for my miniature dolls that I plan to dress as a King or Queen of England. This set is a bit pricy but worth it I think.
I also bought a sword for my larger Ball jointed male doll. It will take a bit to dress him in the correct style but at least he has a sword to defend his ladies honor.

  When we left the Tower and was walking down the street I saw some tiny little tea sets, that I bought for my tea shop. I hope to get it completed this winter. And then I also bought a darling little doll's tea set. I have quite a collection of these, each is different.
So this was the first tour, of the first night in London. Tomorrow, was my first two embroidery lessons with the Royal Embroidery guild of England at Hampton court..

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Katie said...

I just love the miniature you got from the Tower! They're perfect!!