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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Catching up

I did the wall paper on the second floor of the doll shop and painted the high ceiling. This leaves me with first floor yet and window and door trimmings.
  In order to use use certain things in the window display I felt the window floor needed to be extended out into the room. Not easy when it's 2 inches off the floor, so I made 2 blank units to do just that. Blank as in there are no shelves etc. It works just fine. Now to figure out how the rest of the "shop" inside will look like. I really didn't have a clue there as I hadn't gotten that far yet, and the outside came together so fast I'm there and ready for the inside now. I'll have to think fast.
  As for the old dollhouse, I completed the opening of the hole for the staircase to the third floor. I had intended to make up a spiral one, but it just didn't work so, I used a second curved staircase I had that turned out to be just perfect. It made for a very interesting layout for the second floor, library/music room. It also changed the third floor layout, which was a good one I think.
  I want to paper and add the trim before I glue in the floor and walls. It will be easier to work on I think. I also have to stain the stairs etc. At least I'm moving on up. lol.

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