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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

At long last.... It's done!

Well, it's done except for the lighting. I will have to replace some of the old lighting and that will have to wait for payday. But the rest of it, paper, paint, stairs, baseboard, ceiling molding etc, etc, etc, is all done and ready to be moved into. I just hope a family of mice don't take possession. lol.. No not likely, but it was a cute thought.
  This was a lot of work rebuilding. I much prefer making something from scratch, but as I stated a long time ago at the beginning of this makeover. There is only one "first" dollhouse. It has changed it's looks a lot, with the new porch treatment, balcony trimmings, even the color has changed and added to the design.
  Inside there are new wood floors, base board and ceiling trimmings, as well as new wall paper. The floor layout is different and there are two curved staircases, with rounded bannisters. I never even got one in before. Now I just need to pull out the furniture and return it to the house. I will add the lighting as it comes in. So what do you think?
  And what should I call it? I think it's something you would see down south. So a southern name perhaps? Any ideas? Leave me a note with your suggestions.

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