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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The contest entry

Well here it is at last. Finished and the form and pictures are in the mail, so I can take a deep breath and think about something new to work on. I really enjoyed working on this project, and am tickled about the finished cottage. I called it the" Winterberry Cottage". The Winterberry fairy goes out to check on the winterberry bushes to make sure all is well with them, as this is a main food source for the birds in the winter time. She has her own flying machine and it can be pulled by two white flying reindeer if she so chooses. Or she can get about on her own wing power. But more often then not she takes out the deer and her flying machine.
If the lights at the front of the cottage look a lot like runway lights,well thats because they are. Can't land on a foggy night or in a snow storm, with out lights to guide the way. It also helps santa when he comes to visit for a cup of tea.
  The cottage is a snugly little one room cottage, with all the amenities one might need for a cold winter stay. The little birds often follow her about and many stay about the trees and bushes outside the cottage. There is even a pair of white doves roosting about the front door. As it's winter there is lots of snow, and the grass and roof are almost completely covered. You can see the runner marks in the snow on the cobblestone entryway made by the fabulous flying machine. 
  So now it's in the hands of the judges, and I'd love to hear about what you think of  my 'Winterberry Cottage".

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Debbie said...

Good Luck with the Competition. Your entry looks fantasic..