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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today I decided to glue the siding onto the store. I am using MFD rather then wood, as it's easier to cut to shape and allow for the bay windows to fit properly onto the store front. This picture is of the sides drying and one has to have them weighted to make sure they glue down all the way, and not buckle somewhere. After they are dry I will glue the front pieces down and add the door and bay windows, after the siding is dry. Then I will have to wait for supplies in order to go inside and work on the interior.
  I will also start to make some of the items that will go in the store. I have began to collect some of the display items, but not the counters etc. That will have to be after the first.
This store will have more to do inside with what is for sale in the store then what goes outside. There will also be a viewing area for fashion shows, and a try on area, as well as the seamtresses work area. I just hope the store will be big enough to allow for all of it I have in mind to fit in. It is already bigger then what it started out to be, and the left over parts of the kits I will use for something else.

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