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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fountain of Youth Doll Shop

This has come together so quick, I am surprised. I have a bit more to do and will be waiting on some items that will be added to the outside when I get them, but now I am ready for paper inside, and have begun to look for the pieces and parts of what will go inside to complete my doll shop. I love the colors, although I had chosen a different set of colors to begin with. Another one of those "life of it's own" type things.
  We all know what it means to play with our dolls. It is a youthful thing, and as such could be termed a fountain of youth. That is where I got the name for my doll shop. It has kept me young at heart, and still playing with my dolls. And there are many more women doing the same thing as I am for the same reason. I have a lot of dolls, but had only just now gotten back to the miniatures, and dollhouses. I have a bunch of them to play with and put together, and will be doing miniatures for some time.
  Well, I think this shop is going to be really great. So off to the doll house and the second story floor.

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