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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And now the floors

The next thing I needed to do was to extend the edge of the floor to the edge of the pumpkin and gourd. I tried to do it when I cut the floor, even making a paper template so it would fit right. However, that didn't work completely, and I was left with a gap at the edges. So, I have used paper clay to fill in the gap. When it dries, it can be sanded smooth. Then, the parquet flooring can be extended over it. In the gourd, I will paint the edge as near a color as I can get, to make it look like that was the edge of the gourd.
  I had to weight down the floor in the pumpkin to make it be where it needed to be.
  I have also fitted the bay window a bit better and it's ready to be set in, which leaves me with how do I get these two pieces to fit together smoothly but let me remove one so I can get back inside. I will be trying out a couple of things next and hope I find an answer.
  I will need to get things set up so I can begin the decorating and landscaping. That will be a whole project in it's self. And I need to get back to the fairies. Still lots to do.

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