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Sunday, September 28, 2008


One of the things I wanted to add to my little ballroom and with the landscaping outside.... was fire-flies. I have been tracking all over the net to find someway to get this to happen. Now I think I have found what I need to create fire-flies. And yes they will twinkle like the real thing.
When I get the supplies in and begin work on them I'll add that to this tutorial as a thank you for all who have come to see what is happening in the ballroom.
  I have been doing some creative thinking, to come up with ideas for this project. I was thinking, mainly in terms of getting it in one piece, then.... I realized the fairies would want it decorated. So how far do you go? Really fairyland or add some of people things? I don't want the bloody stuff, as I'm not into vampires and goth. But the fun things, that would makeup my kind of fairyland, fantasy. You may of course use what you see here that you like, for your own version.
  I can't believe I found the fire-flies supplies, and I can't wait to work them out. So while I'm waiting for the supplies to come in {yes mail order} I will go back to the other problems.
I am going to add paper clay to the bottom of the pumpkin and gourd so the sub-floor will lay flat and fill in the corners and edges. That way when I put down the parquet it will have something to lay flat on.
  I have been finding and ordering little things for the inside like a punch bowl{lovely shade of green}, a wonderful mirror with a lady on a crescent moon {so the fairies can check their hairdo} and a wonderful little set of pumpkins, with a pair of rats eating their way into them {it's not gross, quite cute in fact and rats get hungry also}.
  Tonight I will be working on the cutest little frog, who will have found his way into the ball, and will be looking most hopefully up at a lovely fay lady. I wonder if he'll get his kiss, and will he change back into a prince or will he remain just a toad?
  I will add that to the instructions here so you can make your own little frog.
  I hope you have found a way to make your fairies, as I am working in a couple of different mediums for mine. It would have just taken to long to add that, so do try a search on google.
  Well, lots of other things are in the works, and I shall be moving quickly now. Come back often to see what's new.

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