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Sunday, September 7, 2008

It did what?

Well, today I decided to open up both the pumpkin and the gourd. I pulled out my trusty Dremel tool and was going at it on the gourd. {This is not for kids, and if you use one be very, very careful,  as they tend to jerk off in a direction other then you indented.} Well, I finally got it cut all the way around., and pried it open, only to see something rising in the air. I had been warned about mold inside, So I stuffed into a garbage bag and took it outside.
 Then I pulled it out and opened it up, to find..... it was on fire! Smoking away like a bad cigar. I'm trying to pry out the soft stuff that was burning but the fire started to move faster then I could. So I grabbed the cats water dish and dosed the inside. It went out, and then I took a garden tool and started to scrape out the mess. 
  Well, long story short, I'm sure the fairies will come up with a suitable story as to why there are little burn marks up the wall. And I'd like to hear it.
  So... you are welcome to post your ideas as to why, and the best will be added to this blog's story and tutorial.
  I need to charge the batteries to my camera, but pictures will follow.
Have fun,

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