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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm back. Sorry it's been awhile, but lots to do outside to get ready for winter. Also, trying to clean the last of the stuff out of the house into the sheds, that needed to go back out.
  Now the next thing I will be doing is sanding out the inside of the gourd. I will measure the door, and the windows so I can cut an opening for them {and lets hope this time I don't set it on fire.}
  Then I will be varnishing the inside and measuring the floor area for the subfloor. I will also be measuring out {in the pumpkin} where the bay window in the back will go, and the measuring for the subfloor. I will also be marking off where that center circle will go on the floor in the ball room. Then I want to see and mark where the lights will all go, and make the holes to thread the wire though. I am also marking off where the two pieces will fit on the plywood, so I can plan the outside design.
  If I can I want to make the gourd stable and solid, and the pumpkin movable so I could be opened there. More then likely I'll have to get very creative with a vine going up the side and "knitted" onto both to make a hinge. But I think that will work.
Wait till you see what is coming from England for the ballroom, and what I am working on for the fairies. I hope this stirs up some creativity out there and there will be a whole pumpkin
 patch of these ball rooms come this Halloween?

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