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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Supplies, for "The Dark Fairies Promenade".

I have not given a list of supplies as you might decide to do things differently. For instance, you might want to use two pumpkins, or you might find a different item that will work best for you.
This tutorial is the idea and how to for what I am creating. You are welcome to change, add to, or delete any part you don't like or want to do.
  I have started with a large carve-able pumpkin from JoAnn's. I had a large gourd stored away, and decided to use it. I also have a large square piece of thick plywood, that I will be using for the ground/base to set this up on. To make it look nice I will be trimming out the edges with a nice decorative band of wood I got from Home Depot some time back. It will let me landscape the surrounding area, and keep it in one piece. {If the little black fur ball will leave it alone.}
  I also have some small rocks and cement, stored for another use and will be using some of it, to build up a base under the gourd, to bring it up level with the pumpkin base on the inside. I will have to get very crafty to fill in the crakes along the sides of the gourd where it fits against the pumpkin. But as fairies would have any number of things to use, I'm sure I will figure that out also.
  I will be cutting a thin piece of bass wood to fit on the floor of the ballroom and the anti-chamber gourd. There may be a small step down into the ballroom, but that I'm not sure about yet. This will make up the sub floor as I have a wonderful parquet circle that will go under the center stem of the pumpkin ballroom. I also have a 14 arm chandelier coming that will hang right above this, and light the ballroom. I plan on having drapes that will also hang from the center of the stem, down and outwards to the walls. There will also be two sconces on the wall of the anti-chamber.
  On the back wall will be a bay window so you may look in on the grand promenade without disturbing anyone. The main entrance will be through the front of the gourd. I will have to make steps to accommodate the higher level of the floor, and I see wide curved ones, kind of curving around the front, and a wide area one would walk across to entry though the door.
The door and the windows in the anti-chamber as well as the bay window, were contributed by a dear friend, who has a wonderful shop on ebay.
  Go and take a look. He has just about everything you will ever need, and if he doesn't carry it.  he will get it for you. Look him up on ebay under The DIY Dollhouse Center. Ken is great to work with. You can't find better people.
  I am trying to decide if the fairies transported the pumpkin and gourd to fairyland, or they are using it in our space and time. I guess it really doesn't matter, except for ones own personal thoughts and ideas. A little input would be nice here. Any ideas, anyone?
 I'll add to what you might need as I go along and things evolve. I will also be posting pictures as this will help you to understand better what I'm doing, how it's done, and what you will need to do it.
More later, I'm waiting on the batteries to charge.

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