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Friday, September 5, 2008

I found something...

I found a gourd, that would be large enough to make an anti-room to the pumpkin ballroom.
The gourd would be sealed against the pumpkin, and french doors would open into the ballroom, from the gourd. The front door would be in the gourd, with a pathway of gray paver stones leading up to it. There would be enough room around them to landscape.
  I received some wonderful treasures for this project from a friend. Now my mind is jumping in so many directions, and I need to settle on one, and dig in. I have so many ideas. But first, now will be to open up the back of the pumpkin and the gourd, so I can get inside them and see what I will have to work with on the walls.
  I need to locate some fabric as well.{a trip out to the sheds}. Anyone know how to make tiny black feathered crows?

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