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Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm not sure if anyone has thought of this or it's been done, but I would like to add it here, for any who need the info. It is something I thought up, that one could do to enhance the little ready made books you can buy in groups for so little.
  I print out book covers, in different styles, and colors, in one twelfth scale. Let them dry really well, so the ink doesn't run. Then cut them out. You will have a little pile of miniature books, and a little pile of miniature book covers. Don't worry about if the cover are big enough to cover the books now.
  Choose a book and fit a book cover to the outside of the book. It's alright if it's too big and a little small will also work. Match the spine only to the book, and fold the cover around the book.
When you have a nice crease on the book spine, then lay the cover down and spread a fast drying white glue on the blank side. Line up the spine and press the cover around the book. If it's too big you will cut down the cover only, by trimming along the inside edge of the book cover, after it's dried well. If it's to small you can trim down the whole little book or, leave it as is, or trim just the exposed cover edge.
  When all are dry and trimmed, you can line them up, spine out on your book shelf and they will look for all the world like the old classical additions as they came out in the 1800's. See what I mean?
  There are two other books there that need a whole other how too, so another time I'll add that. Hope this helps a little. Enjoy!
Oh, if you want you can write inside the little blank books, or draw, or whatever. Or just leave them blank.

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