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Sunday, September 7, 2008

pictures of the two.

So here they are the promised pictures of todays job. The pumpkin open shows a really nice wall to work with. The hole in the floor will be covered up by the subfloor when it goes in. The big picture of the gourd shows all the tiny burn marks. I'll have to do some sanding here, and some of them may be lost, but some I'll bet will stay. I will more then likely varnish the inside of the gourd to protect it and give it a better natural looking finish. The two together almost look like one is swallowing the other right now, but that will change when I start to finish the outside., with steps and mortar to "seal" the two together. I am going to try to find some kind of hinge that will allow me to open the back, at the seam when the to come together. That way I can get inside to change light bulbs etc. All in all it was a good days work so far. Now I need to spend some time thinking thought some things. I don't want to mess things up at this point from jumping in to quickly and ruining it all. I love the way the two colors come together and seem to be naturally there. I plan on leaving the gourd "natural", as it's such a pretty color.
Well onward, and lets hope the dark fairies like what they see,
Oh by the way, when I say "dark fairies" I don't mean the mean ones, I mean the ones that come out after dark, and after moon rise. Like fireflies, and moon moths.

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