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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Layout for the old dollhouse

I keep forgetting to post what the layout will be. And now that you can see the shape and it's coming along well, it's time. I need a name for this old house, {sorry just had to pun that one lol}and haven't even got a clue. But here is the layout
  First floor, will be parlor on the right side {viewing from the back}dinning room on the left and kitchen though the door.
  Second floor is a large one room, music and library with french doors opening onto the balcony. A small spiral staircase takes you to the third floor landing with the bedroom on the left and the bathroom on the right, and space for something in the middle. I haven't decided yet just what.
On the top floor will be the nursery and Nanny's room.
  It was a kit called the Homestead, that I added a tower from a Victorian house too. It gave it the kitchen,balcony and more room above, which is what I needed. Now I am kit bashing again, with new windows, doors and design elements. It has not been easy, and I would not do it again, if I had another like it. It is just to much work for this kit design. However there are no more like it, and I'm not sure what happen to the company that made them, but they are gone.
  I am only hoping my house will look alright once it's all done. Better would be great!
  But I'll settle for alright. To much old glue, and broken pieces, has made it really hard to reconstruct. So, how is the old homestead looking to you?

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