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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Front and center!

Now to add the steps. And in the process, I discovered a way to make it work a lot better. And remembered a lesson learned some time ago. One can use Styrofoam as a base for sculpting with paper clay. Now the gourd sits on the bottom step of styrofoam with the top step snuggled up close to the front of the gourd. With paper clay I can now create the steps and the joining of the steps to the gourd, making it more stable and secure.
  In the back I can add the sides needed to make the gourd "join" with the pumpkin. At the back of the pumpkin is a "wedge" of styrofoam to help keep the pumpkin up close to the gourd. This should let me remove the pumpkin when I need to.
  On the inside there is a tiny little step down from the gourd anti-chamber into the ballroom.
The sconces for the anti-chamber are on their way, as is the lights for the fireflies. I also have a purple light coming that will illuminate anything that is glow in the dark.
Before I get all carried away here I will varnish the inside of the gourd, and finish the floor. I may have to do another layer of wood over this, as the paper clay has made quite a mess on the floor and it may not look very good otherwise. If I am going to all this trouble, I want it to be right in the end.
  More decisions.....

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