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Monday, October 13, 2008

At last, she's here!

The Queen, the Queen..... {LOL.. sorry, I just had to- a pun on Tattoo from fantasy Island}
Anyway, she is here, and This is one golden harvest moon. Another of my porcelain kits, with a dress layered from golden yellow taffeta, to orange and sparkles net, and last the golden net overlay. She holds a scepter made up from a long bugle bead on wire with jewelry findings, and a golden rhinestone drop. Her necklace is glued in place, made of tiny golden rhinestones. Her crown is wire twisted around into a pleasing shape, with golden reinstates glued at the top and
short bugle beads to stand up tall. One lone rhinestone accents her red hair.
  She will stand out no matter where she goes, in this ball gown.

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