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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The front steps

Tonight I spent a fair amount of time working on those front steps. Not an easy project. But I think they are beginning to look real at last. I used paper clay to cover the styrofoam that was cut into the curved shape. The Gourd will stay put and the pumpkin will be removable so I can get inside if I need too.
  I have built up around the pumpkin top so the gourd fits more snug against it. Ater I have installed the window and door, I will have to again build up in places to cover where the curve doesn't allow for a flat fit. And not wanting to make the door or the windows stick out inside, It will have to be dealt with outside. A better way I think.
  I am getting closer now to setting the gourd and pumpkin in place, and starting to landscape the area. I also painted the rest of the door and windows, and the inside of the pumpkin so the white paper clay doesn't show up so much when I set in the parquet floor. And it's done and ready to install. I need to cut the carpeting to fit the gourd, and lay it as well.
  I am still waiting on some items to come, but more are showing up everyday. I am getting excited to see it finished. 
  I also have two more fairies to dress, as well as a couple of tiny ones to completely finish. I may have to wait a while on them as my oven spikes and I don't want to burn them. I am waiting on an table top oven, which may or may not make it in time to finish up the two tiny fairies. However, all in good time, and more can be added later.
Time for a breather I think.

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