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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The spiders have spun a curtain web.

I really love the way these curtains look. It really gives the ballroom a real Halloween look and feel to it now. I used some black wire and strung the long side of a strip of the fabric . Because the fabric was net like I didn't need to hem the curtains before I put them up. I pushed the wire through the pumpkin and folded the end of it over to hold it on the outside. Starting with the center section I made a loop, and used little pieces of the black wire to "peg" the longer wire with the curtain strung on it up into the top part of the pumpkin. Then I used more "pegs" to hold back the curtains on each side and at the top. It worked out great. With the chandelier lit up, it really looks like a ballroom. And the parquet floor just begs to be danced on.
  The next big project is to varnish that gourd. And I'm still working out in my mind how to do the bridge. Then it's landscaping the whole outside. That is going to be lots of fun.
I can't believe how well it's turning out. I've never tried a miniature project that was all my own design and creation. It has always been from a kit, or kit bashing.

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