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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moving into space!

I have glued the foam core board down onto the piece of thick plywood I am using as the base for this project. Now I can start to build the front porch design I have in mind and set the gourd onto the raised part permanently, so it will be stable. The pumpkin needs to be able to be removed, so I can get inside if need be. 
  You can now see the tree that will reside outside. Isn't it wonderful? You can get them at Walmart, in their Halloween section. And do look at the trees, as they are different. I have two of them and they are different shapes etc. This one is bigger, and I think it fits into the scheme of things really well.
  I have also decided as this is fairyland, just about anything could work as landscaping etc. That way I could have some really different and unusual items growing and being a part of the design. I also decided the fairies could have about anything they wanted that they took a liking to in the real world. As things routinely disappear and then reappear around my house, they could also take anything of any size and shrink it to fit their needs.
So, now I shall begin the construction of the front porch design I have in mind.

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