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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And the ghosts are doing what?

Tonight, I finished up making the tiny little ghosts that will be playing ring around the rosy in the front yard, in time to the music they hear for the dancers. Four of them but I may only use three. It will depend on how much space they take up. I have also made a floor standing flower basket, with an arrangement of flowers sent by the Queen of the fairies, to "brighten" up the ball room.
Or was it the Anti-chamber? Anyway, that is finished also.
  When the ghosts are dry, I can move them, and glue the outer edge to the base. Then I can work on the porch steps. In the mean time I will work on another fairy.
  Oh, as for the ghosts! They were made by concocting a base of styrofoam, and a wire outline shape for the head and hands. I draped "Dip and Drape" {I was luck enough to get a package some years ago} over this shape, then draped a piece of cheese cloth over that. The cheese cloth alone is much to thin, and the other will hold up the shape better when dry. As you can see right now they look like little ghosty's rising up from the table top. I think they turned out really cute. I will have to trim their "gowns" a bit, otherwise they will trip more then dance. lol.
Well, back to work.

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