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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fair and Air Gazette

{after the ball special addition}
  Last night a marvelous dark fairies ball was well attended by fairies, and fay alike. I myself was in attendance and witnessed a few surprises that turned up for the dance. But first a word about the fairest of them all, the Queen of the fey. I have never seen her more splendid in all golden hues. She fair sparkled when she moved and when she danced, it was breathtaking. No wonder she is the Queen. She is also equally generous with her powers, and dispensed magic from her fairy wand. {but more on that later}.
  She was attended by Lady Rose and Lady butterfly. Lady rose seemed to just wilt upon a chair most of the eve, even though she was her most prize winning self. Lady Butterfly, seemed to be everywhere helping where she could and always within call for her Queen.
  A Lunar moth fairy, attended, and was tempted to kiss the most persistent frog I have ever seen. Slightly yellow in color, he stood upon the center of the floor and flat out begged her for a kiss. He had a lopsided grin on his face which to my mind foretold no prince to come forth, but instead a very cunning little frog he would remain. I don't think the fairy turned into a toad either, but surely she will be of the wiser next time he should be about and beg her once more for a kiss.
  I was amazed at how many black cats seemed to live in and around the Twilight Ballroom. There were three lounging on the front steps watching the comings and goings for most of the night. I suspect it is the fairy music that draws them as nothing and no-one that can resist once it is heard, even at afar distance. I heard of a lad who once broke his leg and dragged himself to where the music was, only to reach the spot in time to see the departing music makers backs. As it was dawn it was their time to go home. The lad was found and carried home, his leg was set, and he spent the rest of his days telling any who would listen about the strange music he heard on the night of a full moon, deep in the forest.
  It is true that fairy music will draw any and all who hear it, so I do believe that story.
 And speaking of music drawing souls, one did show up last night. A pretty, petite little waif, so sweet in nature, one wanted to cuddle her, and sooth her woes. She said she had heard many cats lived here about and thought perhaps her own sweet kitten might have been drawn to the place. Her kitten passed away at the same time as she, and she longed to find it to keep her company as she was lonely. The kitten would remain forever a kitten. It was snow white she said, and asked if any had seen it? 
  I am delighted to report that midway thought the ball a tiny little white kitten did appear upon the bay window ledge. It did indeed turn out to be her own little kitten. Both were exceedingly happy to have found each other at last. They spent the rest of the night chasing fireflies, dancing with the ghosts, and gliding about the ballroom in time to the fey music of the Cricket Trio with the Bees playing counter point.
  The flower arrangement sent by the Queen was lovely in a tall standing basket with an arrangement of red leaves, yellow and white flowers. The food was very delicious {although I did not partake, as I had no wish to remain in Fairyland forever.} A strawberry cake, red glazed apples {a la snow white} and a lovely pink punch with kiwi,strawberry, and lemon slices. No-one went hungry {except me of course}.
  As magic goes, I do believe it was the Queens magic wand that brought the tiny little white kitten to the ball. I will forgive any amount of magical mayhem, after seeing that bit of consideration to a poor little lost soul who was all alone. Hooray.... to the Queen!
  And that I think, is the end of the story as they say. I do however find myself longing to return to the Magical Twilight ballroom. I just can't seem to find the pathway there.
Now was it this way..... or that way....???

By line by an absentee reporter. I do hope he finds his way back.

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