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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Corn husks & a foot bridge

Tonight I started to work on the dried corn husk stocks that will make up some of the decoration for the Halloween Twilight ball, put on by the Dark Fairies from heather and yon. As they don't come out until after dark, it's been hard to identify them.
  A name for the ball room still eludes us, but I am sure one will come to mind soon.
I also need to start on the little stone bridge that crosses the pond before the front of the ball room. I would have hated to see the Fairy Queen getting her feet wet before she even got to the ball. So I was able to get a ways before I had to leave it to dry out a bit, and then I could continue
on with the work of it. I will also need to work on the pond, but am waiting for a few things to come for that. It will be something I think when it's all done.
  Please remember this is a cross between fay world and the real world. A pumpkin of this size was a real size pumpkin not fay size {or 1/12th size} However, a gargled old tree could be 1/12th size, or fay size. I do believe the fairies caused the cats to be Fey sized, because they are their pets after all. The fireflies are people size for sure. So as you look at the many things that make up this fantasy Halloween time, remember. It all comes together on the other side of reality.

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