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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Doll Shop

Nothing like working on two things at once. lol. But that's what is happening here at this time.
I was waiting for the floor to dry in the doll house and so, started to work on the doll shop.
Choosing just the right shade of color, took awhile. But there it is.
 I need to go back and do touch up {what I get for painting with out my glasses.} but it has come so far so fast, I think I'll be working on the inside soon.
I need to finish painting the bay windows and I can then glue them in place. Then the fun really begins as I will be making and trading for all the dolls for the shop.
What a lot of work that will be.
  The downstairs will be the doll shop and the up stairs will be the workroom, where the dolls will be made. I think it was something from real life {mine of course} that brought this idea to being completed, as I have made many, many dolls over the years. So back to painting and the floor in the doll house now needs to be sanded, then varnished.

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