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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The base is finished

I always thought the base was nicer looking when it was finished a bit better then just raw edges. So I used moulding from Home Depot, and had it miter cut to fit the piece of plywood that is the base. It has just a bit of a lip around the top edge after the foam core board is glued down. In order to put in the gardens etc, one needs the foam core board, to stick flower stems down into.
  I stained the molding, with red oak stain, then varnished it. I like the look of it. Then I glued it to the edge of the plywood.
  Next, I will begin laying in the grass, and other areas, that will make up this scene.
This whole project has been one thing at a time. I've not often been able to work on more then one thing at once, unless it was a bit here and a bit there.

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