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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Open Sesame!

And the door and window opening are open.
Well, it wasn't that easy, but near. lol.
This was the last thing I did last night. A little more painting and I can set in the windows and door. I will have to add some paper clay, to help build up certain areas. As this gourd will be stationary, I can build up the front porch and steps area. I am still not sure how I am going to get the pumpkin in and out of the display, but..... something has to be left open so one can get inside to rearrange and replace bulbs etc. I am hoping it will work it's self out, as I put together the landscaping. {As they say hope springs eternal.} Oh I also put a hole down through the stem of the pumpkin to allow me to wire the chandelier over the parquet. If you were wondering why I just didn't put the parquet closer to the wall, I wanted the circle right under the chandelier. I will also have black light, so things that glow in the dark, will do so.
   So, now back to the painting and staining and varnishing.

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