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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting there

This has been a productive night. The second floor of the old doll house was sanded and stained. As soon as it's dry I'll be vanishing it, and then putting up the paper. I need to paint the first floor base boards, and ceiling molding,, as well as the trim around the windows. Then it can go up and I'll be done with the first floor.
  The same will need to be done after papering the second floor, before I move on to the third floor. I also have to put together the spiral staircase, before I set the third floor in place. Once that floor is glued down I can add the railing and balcony trim. It has taken more time to remake this dollhouse then when I put it together the first time. lol. Oh well, I can't stand to see something in pieces laying around like it was. At least now it will have a life.
  The doll shop is almost ready for the two bay windows in the front. I have laid the floor inside, and need to get the paper ready for the walls. Outside, I have to paint the roof on one side, then can add trim. I will have some other trim coming soon for the front. And maybe the sign.
  Now I can begin to think about how the inside will look, as right now I haven't a clue. I will also have to start to work on the dollies for the shop.
But I do love the way it is turning out. So this one is a keeper.

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