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Sunday, October 12, 2008

At last a ballroom... and a not quite done...

I painted the ballroom tonight and then laid the parquet floor. After that I wanted to set in the chandelier, and then came.... how do I do that? Well the easiest  way for me was to put a thin slice into the pumpkin and slide the wire into the slit. It worked just fine. Even helped to keep the top of the chandelier in place. 
  I also set in the paper clay to help hold the pumpkin in place behind the gourd. As you can see from the picture, it looks like something left by Ike. But in truth, it really does work to keep things in place, so I won't have to get really drastic about anything. It also defines the area, so landscaping will be a bit easier.
  I sanded the porch as best as I could, and while it's not entirely smooth, it works for what it is and looks quite right. After the paper clay is dry I will paint the gray on the gourd to match. Then I can varnish the whole thing, porch and all. I can then hang the two wall sconces, inside, and set up the black light outside. Also set in the carpeting that is cut to fit.
  I have a major project for the outside, and that is a little foot bridge, and a "grand" gateway. I have no idea how to do either, but I'll try.
  Next post is something special.

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