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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catching up to the third floor

The second floor is glued down as are the walls. The third floor opening for the spiral staircase, is now there, and ready for the stairs {which are not done yet, as they are in kit form.}. But the front has been repainted up to the third floor.
  The staircase from the first floor to the second floor is now in place, and the railing around the opening on the second floor is almost ready to go in place, but first I have to lay the floor,stain it, and varnish it. I am also working on the balcony railings and decorative designs. They will be glued in place when I put the third floor in and glue it down.
    The third floor is ready to paint. The top floor or attic will be different then it was, with bigger rooms {now there will be two rooms}. I also have the porch to finish up, but am waiting on supplies. The wiring will all be round wire, not tape. So I am making headway. Hopefully it will look better when it's all done then before. It sure was a mess.

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