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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Now that it's all done, what next?

I had to take a couple of days, after finishing this project, first to just kick back and enjoy what I had created, and also to rest up a little. There were far to many long nights of burning the midnight oil. So at this time I would like to thank all those people who lent their help, their know-how,and their encouragement. You will find a list of the ones who contributed to this tutorial and where to find them, if you chose to create something of like manner, or just need something I created.
  It was something I really enjoyed doing, and shall have it to enjoy for some time to come.
To everyone else who came daily almost to see what I had done, I thank you as well. For your interest, enough so to come and see.
  And oh yes... to Smokey, who had deemed this layout, off limits.{At least for now} He has respected the time I spent, and not tried to take it apart. So, now to the list.

The pumpkin... - JoAnns
The Gourd- a local grower, long sense gone.
Plywood and base trim - Home Depot
Large black wire tree- Walmart
Ground cover- Woodland Scenics
Variate of dried "flowers" and other crafty items{ Like the owl, crickets etc} any craft store with this kind of supplies like Hobby Lobby, etc.
LED's by Evans Model train - for the black light and the fireflies LED's{ link follows}
Bay window,door and other windows were donated by Ken of smallworldminiatures on ebay
  He also donated the table and chair inside,as well as the wonderful parquet floor under the chandelier.
The chandelier and sconces one can buy from most any miniature store on ebay. The one I got mine from was in Texas, and I have no way of getting the name.
The flower basket display, I created, but the flowers I got from Lacyshomeforboys on ebay.
She also supplied the cats and cut out pumpkin and the food inside on the table.
The fairies are my own porcelain dolls {poured,cleaned,fired, painted,and dressed}
 The little waif looking for her lost kitten, was made by She lives in the UK and creates some wonderful polymer clay people.
The tiny yellow frog was made by Patrick-  purplesynapse on ebay. He is a glass blower in Helena.
The water in the pond- the help this lady gave me was invaluable {and besides she a lot of fun to talk to} TheMorezmoreEstate on ebay.
The bridge and pillars, as well as a lot of other places, I used paperclay.
The bats were cut from a net fabric and glues together with a wire between so they would hold their wing shape.
The rats eating the pumpkin, and the green punch bowl, I found on ebay also.
The corn stocks and cattails you can find the direction on, as I did and made them.
The gargoyles I found on line and ordered, along with a different black light system for a Halloween town.
A lot of this is stuff I have had squirreled away for a long time, but a little creative searching, and imagination should help you find something that would work. The biggest thing is to find your key components early, before the holiday is over and there is nothing left.
This whole project was a glimmer of an idea last year, but because I didn't get into JoAnns, fast enough all the big pumpkins were gone. So it waited till this year.
I'm glad I didn't forget, and made the effort, took the time {about a month}, and created the Twilight Ballroom, so The Dark Fairies Promenade could take place.
From all indications, you have enjoyed it as much as I, and the one thing I had hoped did happen. Someone was inspired to try their hand and create something with a pumpkin.
   So, now what? lol... that's easy. I am back to my bashed and crashed old dollhouse, and also working on my doll shop. Sewing for assorted dolls will continue, of course.
Thank you for your interest, your time, and your comments. I shall press onward.

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