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Sunday, October 26, 2008

And on to the Second floor

As the pictures show, this dollhouse had seen some pretty bad bashing and crashing durning the last move.  I really didn't think I'd be able to put it back together again. It's seen some ruff times, and showed it in places. I did how ever open up the windows and replace some bad spots in the siding. Gluing it back together was a nightmare, but as you can see it's been glued down onto the second floor. It's been sanded as best as I could get it, and is now ready to paint, and glue the windows in.
  As I am waiting for some components for the front porch, that is not done yet. I'll go back to it when they come in and finish it.
For now I can paint the outside, and windows and doors. Lay a new floor for the second floor, stain and varnish that. Varnish the stairs and set them in place. I will also spend some time doing the floor and ceiling molding, and miter cutting the moulding around windows and doors.
  I also have to choose the wallpaper for the second floor music room and library. At least it has a working french door now, which is what I wanted in the first place.
  I have to work on the curving staircase that runs from the second to the third floor. The one on the first floor was one I finally got put together, even with a wood banister. It wasn't perfect, but it fits the dollhouse, and works. It was also a lot of work getting it together. I have to varnish it then I can put it into place at long last. I'm glad I got the papering done first.
Well, one thing about building dollhouses etc. It is truly a labor of love. You do a little, then you wait, then you do a little more and then you wait again. As I'm not good at waiting on anything, I usually go back to my sewing, and complete a doll dress before I get back to the house. It works out quite well, actually.
  So painting today, and doll dresses tonight.

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